With its ruby red color with violet reflections and rounded notes
    of plum, red cherry and a hint of chocolate, it's no wonder America
    loves Cavit Merlot.

     plum, red cherry and a hint of chocolate
    CHEESE/NUTS: Parmesan • Romano • Chestnuts
    MEAT/FOWL: Grilled Meats • Steak
    SEAFOOD: Grilled Swordfish • Salmon
    VEGETABLES/FRUIT: Carmelized Onions • Tomatoes • Plums
    HERB/SPICE: Mint • Rosemary • Juniper
    SAUCES: Bolognese • Béarnaise
    DESSERTS: Dark Chocolate • Fondue • Berries
    GRAPES: 100% Merlot
    VINEYARD: In Trentino, Merlot has found a particularly favorable environment and has become one of the region's more abundantly cultivated red grapes.
    WINEMAKING: Grapes for Cavit Merlot are selected primarily from the vineyards of Trentino's Valle Lagarina (Lagarina Valley). After a traditional maceration on the skins, the wine is transferred into glass-lined or stainless steel tanks and, in outstanding vintages, is aged in oak barrels.
    ALCOHOL %: 12.1
    SIZES: Available in 750ml, 1.5L and 187ml sizes.
    Enjoy at room temperature.